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The Good Will Son

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Rating: 5.00 / 5
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by David S Libbey

The Good Will Son is a memoir by the son of two orphans from the Good Will Home in Hinckley, Maine. David’s father, deeply affected by his experience as a Marine in WWII, was excessively passive and introspective. His mother – molested as a child by her alcoholic father – found religion and carried her faith to extremes. David moved from a life with a religious fanatic to hell as an Army enlisted man in Vietnam. When he returned from war, he returned to an ungrateful nation. He found comfort among the hospitable people of the South while attending college in Memphis. After college, he joined the Marine Corps and became a helicopter pilot – eventually flying President Reagan in Marine One and commanding a helicopter training squadron. This memoir contains forty-four stories that cover David Libbey’s life from his early days living in a barn with sheep and chickens to his later years flying the President of the United States and beyond. These stories touch on some tragic events and loss of friends that occurred while he was in the Army and Marine Corps. They also tell of friends, loved ones, and interesting relatives who changed the course of David’s life. The Good Will Son is a mosaic of adventure, love, loss, heartbreak and recovery with a humorous ending.

Genre: Biography & True Accounts, Historical, Professionals & Academics
Size: 151 pages
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