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Nomad Life: RV Life - Living Full-Time in a Van or RV. A Powerful 300 Page Guide. How to Design a Peaceful Simple Life.

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by Empower Publishing

This powerful giant guide will help you DESIGN your own Peaceful Simple life as a Modern Day Nomad - while living full-time in a van or RV. Inside, you'll learn all about camping, free camping, dispersed camping, boondocking, survival methods, RV life, vandwelling and much more. (Nothing Compares to this Special Giant Guide.)You'll receive valuable information that will help you avoid horrible mistakes, keep you safer, healthier, happier and more comfortable. All conveniently organized in one impressive giant guide. A simple life is waiting for you. Order our incredible book today - you'll love it.About This Giant GuideI’m sure you’re like me. I just hate to buy a pig in a poke. I like to know what I’m getting before buying. My goal is for you to be absolutely amazed and glad that you ordered this book. This giant guide is for anyone who is sleeping on wheels. Vandwellers and RVers. If you want to be a full-time RVer, then we gotcha covered! If you're needing expert knowledge on dispersed camping, boondocking, stealth vans, camping in campgrounds, then we have you covered! Plus, a whole lot more! Preparation and knowledge is key to survival.Every page is jammed-packed with the best most up to date information available. I want you to tell others and help me to spread the word. Look inside the preview portion - you'll notice a HUGE TABLE OF CONTENTS. This will give you a good idea, but there’s so much more! Not only is much of my own knowledge inside this guide but other experts as well. Join thousands of people who already discovered the simple Nomad Life. You'll learn how to live with less stress, fewer worries, and less financial issues. I'm confident this giant guide will be your hero. Don’t allow all these questions scare you, but they are all considerations you should think about. All these questions will be covered plus a lot more!•Best sleeping locations in a city or town.•How to find FREE over-night stays in a city or town.•How to find free camping locations outside the city?•What type of Van or RV do you need?•How to stay cool during sweltering hot nights?•Big Chapter on Boondocking in the Boonies.•What types of boondocking equipment is needed?•How can I eat healthy without cooking?•Where to get healthy fresh water?•How do I store clean water?•How to protect yourself from animals or criminals?•What if my RV breaks down?•Should I travel alone or caravan with others?•Overnight stays at Wal-Mart? Beware!•What are the rules concerning Boondocking?•Will I get bored? How do I entertain myself?•How to get rid of your poop?•How to use solar as my energy resource?•What if some wild animal attacks me?•Pros and Cons of Boondocking with dogs.•How boondockers maintain their communication.•How to earn fast cash if you need to buy essentials? •A list of daily essentials.•How to get cheap or free medical care?•Appliances you should never use in your RV or van.•How to Prepare for Your New Nomad Life.•How to find a travel companion?•Should I carry a firearm while Boondocking?•Plus much more I Have You Covered from A to Z! About 300 pages or more!Order now and let us show you how to live a life with more freedom and fewer worries.

Genre: Sport, Fishing & Other Outdoor Pursuits
Size: 306 pages
Free download for Kindle from 23 February 2020 onward  

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