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The Book of Wisdom

by Robert Podnar

This science fiction book with elements of conspiracy theories can best be described as The X-Files on steroids. This is the shortest possible description of the content intended for anyone who wants to start reading the book immediately.But if you want to know more...In this witty sci-fi narrative, you will have the opportunity to become familiar with the many extraterrestrial races that have been mingling with us Earthlings since ancient times. Moreover, it is these diverse aliens who have created us.Otherwise, extraterrestrials, just like us, like to pretend to be smart. It must be hereditary. And it seems they like politics just like us, people. However, I personally do not like politics, as you will easily understand by reading this book.If you have ever thought that only aliens are equipped with spaceships, you are dead wrong, and you will have the chance to find that out at the very beginning of the book.But do not make the mistake of thinking that I have revealed something very important to you, I must tell you that this is just a mere detail in comparison to the excitement waiting for you as you get closer to the end of the book.This book has a rich and diverse cast of characters.You will get to know Sage and his little company which is about to uncover secrets of cosmic proportions. You will also become acquainted with a lovely woman who came straight from Paradise and to whom nobody can resist. You will learn the cosmic wisdom of the Great Sage, who is a very engaging centenarian, and in the end, you will even find out who are the real masters of the Earth!And a very important piece of advice - Beware of the old granny behind the bus’s wheel...Would you like to take a ride in a spaceship and meet the Galactic Federation’s powerful fleet?Reading the book will take you on a long trip from a secret base on Earth directly into space, and from a hidden underground city you will be taken through a forest road to a mysterious hut in the woods. You will visit many interesting places, both in heaven and on Earth. You will spend a lot of lovely moments in a small classroom for conspiracy theoreticians, and finally, you will end up at a meeting of the Light and Dark Side to find out the outcome of this absorbing story and its consequences for us little Earthlings.So, are you ready for Sage to reveal you the truth, and the Great Sage to explain you some ancient wisdom?Let me remind you that people believe someone who talks nicely, not someone who speaks the truth. Hence a question arises: What if someone told the truth in a nice way?When you finish the book it won't be the end of a crazy, interesting journey, it will only be the beginning of a crazier journey that is coming next…And before I forget, do you have a sense of humor?

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Military
Size: 259 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

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