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Neon Druid: An Anthology of Urban Celtic Fantasy

Rating: 5.00 / 5
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by I. E. Kneverday

Cross over into a world where the mischievous gods, goddesses, monsters, and heroes of Celtic mythology live among us, intermingling with unsuspecting mortals and stirring up mayhem in cities and towns on both sides of the Atlantic, from Limerick and Edinburgh to Montreal and Boston.A collection of seventeen short stories, Neon Druid mixes urban fantasy and Celtic mythology, creating a universe where lecherous leprechauns and debaucherous druids inhabit the local pubs, and where shapeshifting water spirits from Scotland and sword-wielding warriors from Ireland lurk in the alleyways. The stories inside this anthology are independent narratives set within the urban centers and environs of this shared Celtic Otherworld. Some are tales of supernatural horror. Others are street-level fantasy adventures. And still others are farcical, whiskey-drenched fairy tales.Fans of Neil Gaiman (American Gods) and Maria Dahvana Headley (The Mere Wife) who enjoy seeing ancient stories and characters reimagined for modern times will feel right at home within the pages of Neon Druid. But rest assured, even if you’re unfamiliar with the (incredible) authors mentioned above, there’s still a good chance that you—or a friend, or coworker, or loved one, or mortal enemy—will be a good fit for Neon Druid.Who Is NEON DRUID For?• Short story-lovers who are in the mood for an anthology that is (roughly) equal parts whimsical, supernatural, darkly humorous, and horrifying—but, ya know, in a good way.• Folks who are interested in and/or have a passion for all things related to Celtic mythology (including Irish mythology, Scottish mythology, Welsh mythology, Cornish mythology, Manx mythology, & Breton mythology).• Readers who are already fans of urban fantasy / urban mythic fantasy and are curious to see what Celtic mythology can bring to the genre. (Hint: Irish werewolves. And whiskey. And, for some reason, lots of axes. You’ll see.)What Kinds of Mythological Beings Will I Meet in NEON DRUID?Inside Neon Druid, you will encounter an entire pantheon of monsters, spirits, & deities that have been pulled from the illuminated pages of Celtic mythology. These include, but are not limited to: • Ankou: a personification of death in Breton mythology• Banshee: a female spirit who warns of approaching death by shrieking or wailing• Buggane: a shapeshifting ogre/troll native to the Isle of Man• Cernunnos: horned god of the Celts, associated with fertility, life, animals, wealth, & the underworld• Kelpie: a shapeshifting Scottish water spirit that often takes the form of a horse• Morrigan: Irish goddess of war, fate, & death who often takes the form of a crow; sometimes described as a trio of sisters• Ogma: Irish god of eloquence, literature, & language; credited with the invention of Ogham script• Selkie: a Scottish water spirit that can transform from seal to human by shedding its skinNEON DRUID Story ListDreams of Gold • Madison McSweeneyThe Faoladh • Patrick WintersThe Flat Above the Wynd • Alexandra BrandtMari Lwyd • Jennifer Lee RossmanUnder Construction • Matthew StevensJace and the Daoine Shi • Tom HowardThe Burning of the Blueberries • Hailey PiperBanshee • Serena JayneFragarach • R. J. HowellThe Lady of the Lake • P. J. RichardsFaith, Begorrah, and Oy Gevalte! • Art LaskyCave Canem • Ed AhernThe Ache of Water • E.K. ReisingerGlandomirum • Jarret KeeneSalted Earth • Willow CroftLady of the Crows • Laila AmadoDruids of Montreal • I. E. KneverdayPrepare to Enter the Celtic OtherworldYour fate is now entirely in your own hands. So, do you turn and run? Or do you cross the threshold and find out what awaits you on the other side?

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Anthologies & Short Stories, Fiction, Fairy Tales
Size: 177 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

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