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Volstagg: Berserker King Saga

Rating: 5.00 / 5
4 reviews

by Christopher Whitney

Summary: This book is about a seemingly heartless Viking in a mythical and barbaric land. He endures a harsh and brutal childhood, growing into one of the most ruthless villains known to Man.And that is just the beginning...Follow him through life as he faces challenges such as loss, betrayal, heartbreak, and war.What you will find hidden away within these cursed pages is not a story. It isn't a novel, or some far out fantasy of love and adventure. There is no beginning and there is no end. This is blood that fills these pages. Life experiences of a man twisted by fates and frictions. These are journal entries, insights, and rusty nougats of wisdom from The Berserker King.See what he has seen, experience what he has experienced,and feel what he has felt.If you go into this expecting something to get lost in, you may be disappointed. But perhaps you just might find something, to get found in.Take caution should you stumble upon these scrolls, for inside you shall find secrets that whisper and silences that scream. Fare ye well along this journey of darkness, death, and betrayal as you come to know the man and the monster.Few loved Him. Many hated him. All feared him. Some called him The Mad King. Some called him the Outlaw Raider. The Hero. The Villain. Some even called him a God, and some called him a demon. They called him a great many things, but they all called him something, for all knew the name of Volstagg.Join Volstagg the Viking on an epic journey through soul shaping moments in life.Will he rise? Will he fall? Will he devour everything that stands in his way? Or has he finally bitten off, more than he can chew?Some early reviews★★★★★ – EPIC! AMAZING! INCREDIBLE!★★★★★ – I couldn’t put it down! It’s the page turner of the year. Full of so many twists and turns. My advice to every reader out there is to read this book. It is essential to any collection of fantasy, danger, and thrills. If it wasn't so difficult for indie publishers to noticed, this would easily be a best seller.★★★★★ – I didn’t think I would like it because Viking stuff isn’t really my thing. But this is sooo much more than that. Its chock full of stories about love and loss. Betrayals that make your heart hurt to witness. Watching Volstagg grow and change was one of the most exciting, tearful, and fulfilling journeys I have ever been a part of and I just cannot wait for book 2.

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Low Fantasy, Myths & Legends
Size: 358 pages
Free download for Kindle from 25 February 2020 onward  

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