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Senze (The Crimson Rage Trilogy Book 1)

by MGK -

Time A treacherous foe or willing friend, Should I fight you or let you go? Tread back in you or let you flow? Maker, moulder, teaser, tester, Master of all that I know, I pray to thee, Don't forsake thy own!Years have flown by since the magicals have been considered the bane of the Kingdom of Corag. Music, books and laughter have been outlawed for fear of waking the magicals who are rumored to herald the mystical and calamitous curse of the Crimson Rage. Caught in the midst of this and the political and religious intrigue brewing in the land of Corag are Senze, Sim and Scaelish, fighting against the unseen foes and binding them all is Nain; the girl with the power to weild archnite. Driving them are two entities which are terrible in their own form, with their own ends to achieve. We follow them as they pass through trials and tribulations of treachery, deaths, friendships lost and faith gained.

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Epic, Fiction, Political
Size: 294 pages
Free download for Kindle from 24 February 2020 onward  

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