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Coastal Ghosts of the Eastern Shore

by Sherri Granato

Violent deaths are hotbeds for paranormal activity with battlefields ranking high on the list when it comes to activity that involves chilling ghostly phenomena. The Chickamauga battlefield located in northern Georgia is one of the most haunted locations in the state..... The Brown Mountain Lights of North carolina have been a hot topic of debate since the mid 1700s when early travelers started noticing strange events, and lights that appear along the ridges of the mountain quite regularly........Members of the Coast Guard came up scratching their heads in 1997 after eyewitnesses reported watching a single-engine plane crash into the brisk Connecticut waters,....and.....a giggling ghost child appears to be the most active spirit residing at the Riverside Country Inn, and the hottest areas are normally located in the older part of the building. A man's voice has been picked up through monitoring devices, and heard by staff as well as visitors to the inn. A male apparition is quite often seen sitting at a back table in the dining room, and ghost cats have been witnessed running through the establishment.

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Nonfiction, Travel, United States, Urban
Size: 48 pages
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