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Ready for Take-Off: Preparing for Interview Questions on Your Job Search Journey (The One Hour Handbook Series)

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by Staci McIntosh

What does it take to nail a job interview in 2017? Oh sure, everyone says you should prepare. But no one gives you detailed, researched, and proven strategies about how to prepare, especially in this new era of fancy interview techniques and quirky formats. You probably have only vague notions of questions in your head, trying to think of how to frame your weakness as strength. Stop it! Your interview panel has heard it all before. It’s time for a new era of interview preparation. You need strategies to stand out from the crowd, not overused, canned answers hiring managers have already heard thousands of times. Author Staci McIntosh gives a fresh new perspective regarding interview preparation. No matter why you’re interviewing, you’re going to discover proven methods that will help you be the most polished, articulate, and interesting version of yourself. If you’re a college graduate looking for your first job. If you’re a seasoned professional seeking a promotion. If you’re desperate to find work after being let go. If you’re a parent or retiree returning to the job market. This book is jam-packed with updated, fresh, and useful tips you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll learn how to anticipate all types of questions. You’ll learn how to format your answers so the panel will yearn to hear you say more. You’ll learn how exactly to practice based on brain research. You’ll learn how to guess in advance those special insights the panel will want to hear. You will also learn how to adapt all of those tips to perform equally well in any interview format. Finally, Staci will give you guidance on how to create innovative, interesting answers to the 15 most commonly asked interview questions. This One Hour Handbook Series book is short and can be read quickly, so it’s the perfect resource for a last minute cramming session to get you ready fast. Staci has over 20 years of human resources executive experience in both public and private sectors. She believes in helping people navigate the invisible rules and networks that make career advancement easy for some and difficult for others. Her goal is to improve opportunities for all people to achieve their dreams, regardless of background or life experience. Follow her career advice, and you will ace the interview.

Genre: Business & Finance, Careers, Nonfiction, Education & Reference, Test Preparation & Guides
Size: 72 pages
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