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The S.M.A.R.T. Goals: How to Get Rich with No Money or Education

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by Joshua Strachan

The mistake most people make every day is assuming that success is the product of hard work and consistency. We can agree with the latter but hard work does not make you rich. Hard work will pay the bills, give you some comfort but it won’t make you wealthy. The most unfortunate part of working hard is you have to keep working in order to make money.The rich get richer and the poor continue to get poorer; this is because the two groups involve in different activities every day, these activities shape their lives in different ways. While the poor man is trying to eat by looking for means to work and get paid, the rich is thinking of a way to get richer by implementing and creating ways to make more profit.The rich is a god over his business. He doesn’t work but make the decisions, meet the Connects and pay himself first before paying the people that work for him.The price he paid to get to this position is nothing but SMARTNESS. This was a choice he made long time ago. He chooses to learn and accumulate knowledge relevant to creating influence in his field rather than becoming professional.The concept of accumulating riches is not just about acquiring specific knowledge and developing yourself to be a master, it is also about having the social intelligence and diligent to be able to command and put into place all necessary ingredients to bring your idea into substance.The SMART?This person does less and thinks more. The society is against finding shortcut to destiny, this person decided to go against the society’s rule to find or even create a shortcut to make the reality of his dream.He knows exactly that once he becomes successful, people will unknowingly help him become better and even more successful through the respect and influence he will acquire in the society.

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