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The Logical Proof of The Existence of God: by God's Advocate: God defended the victims from THE BEGINNING

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by Dan Anghel

THIS TITLE IS ENROLLED IN KINDLE MATCHBOOK, IF YOU BUY THE PAPERBACK YOU GET THE EBOOK FOR FREE.***Whoever denies the reason, that proves the existence of God, denies his own sins.***Whoever despises the moral of forgiveness, will be saturated by the justice.***The Holy Infinite Love of God, is our Judge and Savior, in the same time. Be Holy!***Whoever despises the law or the word of God, will become a slave of the law or the lies of the jungle.***Heaven means eternal gratitude.If you will sincerely thank God for every sunshine of every morning, you will be every morning in Paradise.For the Paradise is like an eternal calm full of peaceful light, morning.***The difference between heaven and hell is just a thought.***Only small people cannot forgive small mistakes.***A House divided cannot stand.***The vessel doesn’t go often to the water,But the vessel of God goes as many times as he wants to the water.***Don't be naïve, the beautiful words can hide dark thoughts, but the beautiful thoughts give beautiful feelings.***The people are like stained glass.There are some that are completely dark and the light do not cross them or do not enter them.There are ones that are dirty and the light that cross them gets out dirty also.And there are those who have beautiful colors and the light that cross them is very beautiful.And there are those who are completely transparent, sincere in front of God, and the light that cross them is perfect like the light that entered them.Jesus reflected exactly the light of God and His words are exactly the words of God.Be not deceived by the dirty minds, that taint the TRUTH.***“Christianity is a religion too noble, for a being so ignoble as the man.”Soren Kierkegaard***AT THE BEGINNING, WE WERE CREATED AFTER THE IMAGE OF GOD .BUT THE HUMANITY DESECRATED THE IMAGE OF GOD, THAT LIVED AND STILL LIVES IN US, AND THE TRUE IMAGE OF THE ONE TRUE GOD IS JESUS CHRIST.***WHO DESPISES THE MORAL OF FORGIVENESS WILL BE SATURATED BY THE JUSTICE***“This world will pass, but my words will never pass.” Jesus Christ. *** God loves you, But you are a prodigal son, Return Home,God misses you. This book will show you the way Home, into the Light of God: Jesus Christ the Truth, The Life and the Path. ***The men swim in an ocean of sweet water, and they say that they die of thirst, because they were lied that the water is salty, and they fear to drink it. Fear not, because GOD IS LOVE. *** THE SKY IS THE SAME OVER ALL.***THE SKY IS THE SAME EVERYWHERE AND OVER ALL.ABOVE THE CLOUDS OF OUR DARK THOUGHTS THE SKY IS ALWAYS BLUE. ***The root of evil it is in the spiritual mediocrity!Because the sin produces the self-deception that fuels our pathological ego.***Whoever despises the law of God will become a slave of the law of the jungle.***To be saved you must not have the faith of the old ladies, but the faith of angels!

Genre: Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality, Religious Studies, Science & Maths, Physics
Size: 114 pages
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