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Aquaponics: A Comprehensive Guide and the Best Ways To Grow Aquaponic Plants (2 in 1 Bundle)

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by Sheila Brown

2 Books in 1:Aquaponics: A Comprehensive Guide to Aquaponic GardeningAquaponics: The Best Ways to Grow Aquaponic Plants Book 1: Master a System that Can Feed You, Your Family, and Even Give You More than Enough to Sell Afterwards if You WantThis book contains information on my experiences on aquaponics. I've included the successes and the failures so you can learn about this amazing method to grow your own food. Popular writer T. L. Campbell said that “you're not an aquaponics farmer until you've killed fish,” well you can be, but if you're going to learn to set up a system bigger than a bucket and a few goldfish this is true. You'll kill plants and fish; you'll have days when you wonder why you've sunk so much money into something that is driving you nuts (especially those darned nitrogen strips). But at the end of the day, you'll master a system that can feed you, your family, and even give you more than enough to sell afterwards if you want. Within this book, you'll find the answers to these questions and more. Just some of the questions and topics covered includeWhy I Chose AquaponicsIn Depth: The Nitrogen Cycle & AquaponicsDesigning Your SystemBefore You StartGetting The Bacteria RightChoosing Living CreaturesTroubleshooting and MaintenanceAnd much more!Like most comprehensive books we'll start with the basics and go from there. I've tried to make this information make sense even if you've no previous science or agricultural knowledge. Even if you've never so much as had a goldfish you can still master aquaponics. Book 2: Discover The Best Ways To Grow Aquaponic PlantsAquaponics is a great way to grow fish and food together, but the biggest question for most people is how to grow. Since so many plants do well with aquaponics, it's easy to get over enthused and try and grow everything! With the right set up, you can do this, but it's also going to be much harder to have healthy plants if you're a beginner, so it's a good idea to start out small. Similarly, even if you've picked out plants already growing them in a system that fits your space can be the bigger challenge. In this book, we'll look at a few creative ways to grow your plants and tackle the common problems that plague many growers so that your plants will be the best they can! Within this book, you'll find the answers to these questions and more. Just some of the questions and topics covered includeCreative Growing with AquaponicsThe Basic SystemWhat Plants?Grow BedsStrawberry TowersFreestanding Z Guttering WallAnd much more!Download this bundle now to learn more about aquaponics

Genre: Home & Garden, Gardening & Horticulture, Nonfiction
Size: Unknown
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