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Sleep Scenes: 50 scenarios to help your child drift off to sleep

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by Andrea Komadori

What happens when you leave your child's room each night? Does your child drift off to sleep quickly or stay awake for ages? What happens right at the end of the bedtime routine before sleep? Often we leave it to chance. Sleep Scenes is a chance to change this.

The book was written to answer the question “Daddy what can I think about?” It is a collection of 50 scenes that children can enter into and loose themselves in as they drift off to sleep. They offer a way for children to switch off from busy thoughts about the day, and a way to create fantastic dream worlds from the comfort of their bed.

Sleep Scenes aren't bedtime stories for children, but rather stories for children to create after they have finished listening to or reading their bedtime story. Sleep Scenes are scenarios for your child to think about before they fall asleep. The Sleep Scenes ease children from being awake into going to sleep. Each Sleep Scene is short to read but offers the opportunity of endless imaginary possibilities.

Your child’s imagination is limitless. Often however, a child’s imagination competes with a multitude of conflicting and distracting stimuli. In bed though, after the lights have gone out and your child is left alone, there is a chance for your child to exercise their imagination. Many children can just do this but some children need help to enter the hinterland between wakefulness and sleep. Even those that can just drift off, sometimes welcome some help and some ideas.

Sleep Scenes can also be used in other situations such as long car journeys. They are a good way to start off a day dream.

Using Sleep Scenes not only provides a welcome addition to your child's bedtime routine, but it is a great way to grow happy, imaginative, contented children.

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