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The Tea Detox & Body Cleanse: The Complete Tea Guide to Weight Loss, Increased Metabolism & Boosting your Energy Levels (Diet, Lose Weight, Detox, Cleanse, Boost energy, Improving your Health)

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by Sarah Williams

Do You Want To Discover the Easiest Way to Lose Weight, Increase Your Metabolism and Boost Your Energy Naturally?
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If you are somebody who wants to increase there metabolism, lose weight more quickly and give yourself a natural boost to your energy levels then you should give some serious thought to a Tea Detox and Body cleanse. The positive health benefits from adding a few cups of Tea to your diet are enormous, in fact I guarantee if you read this book you'll be very surprised! The Tea Cleanse is perfect for busy people because it adds virtually no extra time to your daily schedule, particularly if you drink tea and coffee throughout the day anyway. Consuming Tea everyday as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle is an absolute must, for so many reasons that you'll discover in the book, it is also the essential compliment to any diet or exercise regime.
Here Is A Taste And Idea Of What You'll Learn From This Book...
Why you should do a Tea Detox and Body CleanseAll of health benefits of having Tea as part of your everyday lifeThe different types and Tea and there health benefitsHow you should actually do a Tea Detox and CleanseWhat foods you should eat as part of your Detox and CleanseFoods to avoid during your Detox and CleanseA Select of Tea recipes for you to make at homeAnd a whole lot more......
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Take action today and make a difference to your health, you can download this book for only $0.99!

This is what other people who have downloaded the book have said:

''What has helped me to realize that being healthy is necessary, is through this book. This book has given everything I wanted to know that has able to capture my attention and be alarmed from my unhealthy living. Detox is what this book all about. Detox from a tea cleansing''

''This book will tell you the benefits of tea and the right ways to drink it for effective results without bad side effects. Try this method and see its efficiency yourself. I really recommend this to people who would like to slim down by drinking tea. Tea lovers will find this book instructive as well''

Genre: Food & Drink, Drinks & Beverages, Nonfiction, Health & Fitness, Personal Health
Size: 40 pages
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