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Every day, many authors and publishers release their work free of charge to introduce new readers to their books. The majority of these are made available at no cost through Amazon or Smashwords but are often difficult to find.

What DailyFreeBooks does is search on Amazon and Smashwords for these free Kindle eBooks and then present them to you in a way that makes finding the best ones a much easier process. eBooks are categorized into genres along with details of their length and even their review ratings.

We also provide a very popular service which sends the highest rated books (from genres you can specify) by email every day. That means that you need never miss out on a good free read.

You will never find pirated or illegally copied eBooks on DailyFreeBooks.


How do I download the eBooks?
To download a free eBook, simply click on the cover or title and we will whisk you off to Amazon.co.uk (or Smashwords) so that you can download it direct to your Kindle.

How do I find what I'm looking for?
On the left hand side of the screen you will find a number of filters including genres. Simply click on the combination of filters you want to use and we'll show your books that match. To make life easier, you can bookmark any page once you have set the filters and then return to the same settings in future.

If you know an author or title and want to check if it's free, you can also use the keyword search on the top left hand side.

To reset filters, just click on the 'Reset All Filters' link just below the flags on the left.

Is it legal to download these books?
Yes, all of these books are 100% legitimate and made available to download from Amazon.co.uk or Smashwords. We only list eBooks from these websites and do not republish or copy anything. All downloads are via Amazon or Smashwords direct.

Are these books just public domain or out of copyright?
No, virtually all of the books listed are commercial works that you would normally have to pay for, but have been released by the author or publisher free of charge for a short time only.

Is it safe to download books from DailyFreeBooks?
Yes, when you click on an eBook to download, you will be taken to Amazon.co.uk and complete the transaction exactly as you normally would for Kindle purchases, including 1-click.

I tried to download a book, but it's not free?
This can happen for a few reasons. Firstly, if you are not located in the United States, you may not be eligible to download for free. Secondly, as these books are free for short periods only (usually 24 hours) it is possible that a book may have been withdrawn and reverted back to its normal price. We update our listings every hour to try to ensure that only free books are listed.

Do I have to subscribe to the daily email to use DailyFreeBooks?
No, you are welcome to use DailyFreeBooks without subscribing. Subscribing does have its benefits however... because the eBooks are free only for short periods it is very easy to miss out on a book you may enjoy. The daily emailer not only lists the best of the day's books, but also reminds you to go and check at the website. The emailer also includes details of the Kindle Daily Deal, so you need never lose out on a bargain.

Why are some books not in the right genre.
We try our best to ensure that all books are categorized correctly, but sometimes the authors themselves publish it into the wrong category on Amazon. We also have very strict filters to try to keep erotica and books of an explicit nature separate, but on occasion these may fail to detect 100% correctly and either list a rude book in the main listings, or add a non-erotica ebook into the erotica listings.

I really like DailyFreeBooks - how can I help out?
What we really need is to spread the word, so if you are a facebook, twitter or pinterest user we'd really appreciate it if you shared our site. Otherwise, you can spread the word by email or by word-of-mouth to your friends and family.
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